Geek Powered Presenting at Designing for Digital Conference 2017

04/04/17 Update: The full slideshow from our D4D17 Presentation can be found here.

Geek Powered Studios will be presenting at this year’s Designing for Digital Conference, here in Austin, TX. Our Director of Digital Marketing, John Leo Weber, and Digital Marketing Manager, Upasna Gautam, will be presenting a session on mobile-first UX and design.

Designing for Digital is a three-day conference packed with intensive, hands-on workshops and informative sessions that are meant to bring together colleagues and peers working on user experience, discovery, design and usability projects inside and outside of libraries, drawing expertise from the tech and education communities.

John and Upasna will be presenting on designing for Google’s mobile-first search index. This update will be a huge win for mobile UX, but a huge detriment for poor or non-existent mobile UX. Google has confirmed that their new mobile-first index will be used for both mobile and desktop rankings – so if your site isn’t optimized for mobile, it won’t perform well on desktop search. John and Upasna’s session will discuss this new frontier in the digital landscape.

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