10 Ways to Promote Your Business Online for Free

There are many entrepreneurs and businesses that, when using the word ‘marketing,’ think of high-priced plans and strategies. Conversely, the high price ticket for quality marketing does not have to be reality. As a matter of fact, there is a multitude of ways to promote business for free.

Today in this post we will share the 10 most valuable actions you can take right now to promote and market your online business, with zero costs.

Let’s face it, everyone online is trying to grab the attention of the viewer, and the internet is a big place. Without the right resources and help it can almost feel like you’re just not able to figure it all out. We understand your pain.

Because of this, we created this list to help you use the top strategies for promoting business for free. So, let’s get started.

Grab Hold of Email Info

In online business, a personal email is just as valuable as currency. Being able to collect it as you have prospects visit your website can ensure future marketing strategies won’t be wasted. The easiest way to make this work for you is to integrate an email automation provider or software that will allow a visitor to opt-in to your list and store the email for you. There are free and low-cost options available.

Market Your Services with Email

After you have an email you can use it for other marketing campaigns you send out. You can also tailor the emails to that specific individual making it even more powerful.  There is free software available that you can use, on your website that will do all of this for you.  Privy and Opt-in WordPress forms are two free options.

Using Video to Market Your Service Or Brand

If you haven’t noticed, video is everywhere. You don’t have to be online to notice it either. Walking in an urban city you will see digital billboards and signs everywhere. Walk into a McDonalds and you will notice all their menus now have video playing. Video captures your attention and does the same for your visitors. YouTube is a massive search engine for video. And studies have shown, people would rather watch a video about a topic or a service rather than read it. Starting a YouTube channel for free is a great way to promote business and increase engagement.

Facebook Marketing

This is the largest social media platform in the world. You can use the power of Facebook, create a business page, and start building a following. Posting regularly can boost some traffic and curiosity about your brand.

With recent updates to how they handle business accounts, it has become a bit more difficult to show up in prospects feeds without advertising with paid ads but that shouldn’t stop you. If you are adding value for your visitors your page will grow.

Build Your Business Network With LinkedIn

Linked in is the new kid on the block that is making waves in the big pool of marketing. You can build your following with LinkedIn. This will also help you with targeted traffic. You can build a powerful network and end up collaborating with a local business. Just remember, every social media platform has its own personality, and if a platform does not fit into your business model don’t create it.

Guest Posting

This is a great way to build visitor engagement, and drive traffic to your website for free. It costs you nothing to allow a writer to write a relevant post on your website. This will promote business in two ways. The first way it promotes is by having a writer send his traffic to your site to read the post he wrote. Then it will get people clicking around. The second way it promotes for you is by showing the local community you enjoy building relationships with people. This gives your business a human feel that so many businesses lack.


It takes nothing at all to have a product giveaway on social media. This is great because you can increase your organic traffic drastically in no time at all. It stimulates customer engagement and also, it’s a lot of fun to give away things for free. This is a fantastic way to give gratitude for current customers and new clientele that may be paying attention to the giveaway.

Use Forums, Discussion Boards and Blogs

Establishing your brand as an authority can be useful in marketing your business. By actively seeking out ways to answer questions and be of service to others you consequently create traffic. The more someone sees your name as being helpful the more likely they are to remember your website in the future. They can even tell their friends about you in conversation. Every little bit of exposure helps.


By getting out in front of people is probably the best way to build promote business. When someone can place a face to the name it has a very powerful effect on trust. People trust those they can see and get a real feeling for because they heard you speak. Your care and empathy during a conference lecture can be enough to bring on many more customers. This can benefit your online business or local brick and mortar.

Know When to Ask for Help

These free strategies are just a few of the many ways to build traffic and marketing presence for your brand. You have seen how speaking publicly can help. You also learned about email marketing and collection. These are great but can take time to set up. And If you are the only one running your business you can’t step away to go volunteer to speak.

This is where we can help. Portside Marketing specializes in building awareness around your business. Our creative websites, logo branding, and SEO strategies can improve your local business foot traffic from our award-winning marketing planning.

Doing your own marketing can be so time-consuming and expensive if you don’t get it right. In business, efficiency and cost-effective approach with a high return is the recipe for success.

Portside Marketing welcomes you to call us at (972) 979-9316. We will work closely with you to establish the right plan, that will be cost-effective and give you the marketing improvements you are looking for.

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