Online Conferencing for Small Businesses

The way we do business has changed. In the yesteryears, you could run a business on a simple business model and do well. But today business is rapidly changing every second and being able to communicate those changes quickly and clearly has become the main focus of software. This holds especially true for online conferencing.

The invention of video conferencing is nothing new – believe it or not. It’s over 80 years old! But because of our recent pandemic, more and more people who used it sparingly are now using it every day. And now realize how valuable having a reliable online conferencing platform really is.

Being able to get your employees and team members in front of you easily and quickly open’s up a collaborative environment. Small business owners understand this is something needed to actually be competitive. But with so many online conferencing platforms to choose from how do you know which one is best for your business.

This simple guide, going over the best video conference software should help.

Seamless Service That Ties Into Your Business

You’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed about what service to pick. Are you looking for a service that integrates with your current office software? Maybe you realize your business is growing faster than you thought and you want software that can scale along with your brand? Are features important to you? If you answer yes to any of these questions there are a few things you want to consider when picking an online conferencing provider.

When selecting an online conferencing provider you want to consider, picture, and sound quality. No one likes a lag and just because a service is inexpensive doesn’t mean you are ok with poor quality.

In addition, you want the ability to share your files with people internally or externally. You run a business, file sharing is very important. Consider group and private chatting as well. If you are in the middle of a conference you may want to send someone a message that not everyone else can see. If that is something you want, look for that feature when picking a provider.

Can You Record?

Surprising as this may sound but some providers don’t allow you to keep a record of your conferences. Which can help you later in the future, so if archiving your meetings is important you want that service as well. Failing to consider all of your needs can be an expensive mistake both in money and time.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

This can be a monumental oversight and cause several problems. This is not as common that much but it is still out there. So make sure you know for sure, the video conference software works across all operating systems.

Customer Service

This seems like it’s self-explanatory, however, you can be blinded by the bells and whistles of a nice looking interface and feature set. You don’t want to miss the customer service questions that need to be asked. Times available, quality control, reviews from others about the service. Do your research check out their website. As a small business owner, every decision matters.


What are you getting for the money, this is what takes the most time but is necessary. Sometimes you want to pay a little more if you will use the service often. And with more and more jobs sending teams remote you want something that works.

Now that you have a base for what to look for here are some options for the best online conferencing/video platforms available today.

Best Online Conferencing Software

It’s no surprise the need for video conferencing has picked up dramatically and does not seem like it will be slowing down. Below is the best online and video meeting software available.

This brand is dependable, flexible and customer service oriented and is ranked as the best online conferencing software for small businesses. And it comes with a free version, and it’s very easy to use.


This is a well-known brand, it is also reliable and trusted by thousands. It has a limited free version which allows one on one meetings with a time limit. The paid options are where the most benefit is. But if you want features, reliability, and consistency in quality Zoom is a great place look.


This is the best free online conferencing option available. You can have up to 100 people attended during a conference, for free. You also get unlimited one on one meetings. Though they are limited to 40 minutes that is very impressive (just start up a new meeting if you get cut off). And the features are robust. Definitely great for a small business starting up. All the integrations you come to expect are available, and free to use.


With this service you can easily host conference calls and collaborative meetings with your team in no time. Many small businesses trust and love the service. There is no free version.

Skype for Business

Skype has been around for years and is a trusted name in online conferencing. The ease of communication using skype is hard to beat. You also have access to voice chat, instant messaging, and video chat. Microsoft makes things simple and also allows you to use all of there apps within skype online conferencing.

Amazon Chime

Amazon now offers video conferencing and is offering amazing value. With the ability to pay on demand, you don’t have to pay for services you are not using. The service is extremely easy to use. Chime is built on the very secure amazon AWS platform so you don’t have to worry about sensitive data being sent back and forth through chats. Since Chime is integrated with Alexa, you don’t need to set up appointments. You can schedule Alexa to do it for you.

In conclusion

As you can see, you can use online conferencing for several things, set a quick meeting to discuss your newest SEO strategy. Hop on a quick call to go over what you like about your new designs for the brand awareness campaign your running. No matter the topic these top video software providers can help.

In the case of your future with remote working and online business, being aware of the use of a trusted resource is priceless. Portside Marketing is here to assist you with any marketing and design needs you may have.

Your online presence is important and we welcome you to see how we can help call us at (972) 979-9316. We recommend finding the best online conferencing provider for your needs. Do the research because marketing your business online and over online conferencing calls is the new normal.