What Is Schema Markup?

Schema and Business Benefits

The contextualization of search results is helpful on its own, but when optimizing a business site, the rewards of using schema markup can go even deeper. Google actually gives priority to “rich results” (formerly known as “rich snippets” or “rich cards”) when returning information. And perhaps most critically, schema markup is proven to bolster the quality of user traffic. At the 2017 Google I/O conference, some impressive findings on the effects of schema were revealed. Across several websites in varying industries, effective schema markup results in higher time on page, lower bounce rates, and increased conversions.

Good schema markup also acts as a measure of futureproofing. The analytics company ComScore estimates that half of all search queries will be voice searches by 2020, which is approaching quicker than you might think. Luckily, Google automatically makes schema searchable by home assistant technology like Alexa. And furthermore, schema code is often used by chatbots to deliver more pertinent answers to users.

SOURCE: https://www.geekpoweredstudios.com/what-is-schema-markup/